The Playlist of the Queen

01 Mordred’s Lullaby (Heather Dale) // 02 Crashing Down (Heather Dale) // 03 Howl (Florence + the Machine) // 04 Breath of Life (Florence + the Machine // 05 Bring Me To Life (Evanescence) // 06 Lady in Black (Blackmore’s Night) // 07 Queen for a Day (Blackmore’s Night) // 08 Darkness (Blackmore’s Night) // 09 Death Valley (Fall Out Boy) // 10 Double Trouble (Harry Potter Soundtrack) // 11 If It Wasn’t For Hate We’d Be Dead by Now (Lostprophets) // 12 Far Far Away (Blackmore’s Night) // 13 Avenge Her Tears (Aine Furey) 

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Last night I dreamt that Morgana taught at my old school omg

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Okay, so to the anon that sent me “Morgana + Hemlock = Happiness”, fuck you.

No, really, I’m not kidding. Judging from my blog, you obviously know that I love Morgana Pendragon - so why bother coming to my ask box to purposely negate my view on the character? Particularly on anonymous. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all up for discussing her and her character development objectively, but outright hate in my ask box is a very bizarre thing to do. 

Now, I’m going to go out on a whim here and assume you’re a Merthur shipper, correct? Assuming you are - and I cant discuss it with you as you remained on anon, I just want to say that Morgana practically won. Merlin had to see Arthur die, Gwen die and Gaius die; whilst living alone in the very vague hopes that an overgrown lizard - who has known to lie (eg: he said Aithusa would help bring about peace in Albion) and told him Arthur would, one day, return. Meanwhile, Morgana went to Avalon to be reuinted with Morgause in the afterlife where she had hot lesbian sex. What did Merlin do? Walk around looking like a tramp. (ps: any Merthur shippers, I’m sorry for tagging my hate here, I do respect your ship, but I want this anon to see this message and I’ve already replied). 

TO SUMMARIZE, dear anon, you are incredibly foolish and I hope you choke on hemlock. Rant over.

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"Help! I’ve Fallen In Love With A Fictional Character": a novel by me

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I made a video about Morgana okay :33

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If I see one more post on the Morgana tag saying that the show Merlin was “a love story between Arthur and Merlin” I swear to god I will KILL YOU


Series 5 of Merlin was unbelievably shit.

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I had a dream about Morgana last night. Me and my sister in law approached her in a field, where she was interrogating Tom Hiddleston (yum). I knelt and said “Your Majesty, I ask of you a favour.” To which she replied “The only thing you are getting from me is a blunt reply and a smirk.” Her soldiers laughed. Then I asked her if she wanted to come for Christmas dinner. She said “Why would I want to do that? So I could sit around, and lie and say how nice the food is and receive unwanted presents?” Then Gwen came along and hugged her, so I did too. Then Morgana said she was a witch and dressed like so, so she couldn’t come. Then some people came into the field, dragging Merlin, and Morgana laughed at them all. Basically Morgana was a bamf. 

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The Great Dragon was wrong when he said that Aithusa would bring Albion in a time of peace. He was also wrong that Merlin helped create a peaceful Albion - he did not achieve, as Morgana raged war every year, and there are still rogue Saxons and magicians who are outlawed and who will attempt to kill Gwen; assuming she didn’t allow magic back in the kingdom. Therefore he is also wrong that Arthur will come back one day. Merlin is doomed to roam the land after Arthur forever. 

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